Cozy Gifts for Valentine's Day

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Find the perfect Valentines gift for you special person
If you haven’t made it to the grocery store recently you may have missed the enormous stuffed animals, bright pink heart balloons, and aisle of chocolates tied up with ribbon signaling that Valentine’s Day is coming soon. But it’s not just coming soon anymore – it’s practically here. Sunday is St. Valentine’s Day, the day for love, the day for kisses, the day for…presents?!
Have you forgotten to get your better half a gift? Or just haven’t gotten around to going to the store? Rest assured we are here with a list of cozy gifts perfect for your valentine.
1. Is your valentine sick and tired of this cold weather and wishing for the beach? Bring the beach to your love with these matching Snuggie Up™ Bikini Bathing Suits. These are super cozy and perfect for lounging on the couch and watching Gilligan’s Island or The Beach. Start preparing for the beach here.
2. Is your valentine always freezing? Are you fighting over the thermostat? Smoko has the gift for you! Keep your valentine nice and toasty with these precious Toast Wireless Handwarmers. They easily strap to you to keep your hands warm but allow you the freedom to move your hands so you can still scroll through Facebook, use the TV remote, and, of course, hold hands. Warm up their heart while holding their hand here.
3. What is your valentine missing? A massive fleece blanket with your face, of course! Upload your favorite picture to create the perfect gift for snuggling up at home during the harshness of winter. Create your gift here.
4. Want to really show your valentine that you love them? Give them your heart this Valentine’s Day with this Humongous Heart Plush by I Heart Guts®. Does your valentine take your breath away? There’s also Loud Lungs Plush! Find the perfect organ here.
5. Do you and your valentine go together like milk and cookies? Or like the moon and stars? Remind them every day with these darling mugs from We Go Together Like...©. There’s one for each of you so you can sip your coffee together while thinking about how well you go together. Get your drink on here.
These awesome gifts will help you stay warm this Valentine’s Day, but if you need something a little stronger, like a new heating system or a furnace tune up, Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning can help! Give us a call at 866-397-3787 or schedule an appointment online.
This February we’d like to spread the love to all of our customers. We love you and are thankful for your business. We hope your Valentine’s Day is wonderful!
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