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This season, most homeowners are doing everything they can to keep their home warm and cozy. But there’s a problem - the warmer your air, the drier. Not only can this cause issues with your health, like drying out your nasal passages or exacerbating respiratory illnesses, it could also worsen the static electricity in your home.

Does this all sound familiar?

Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning is here with the solution: a whole-home humidifier!

Not confident a whole-home humidifier is right for you? Check out these reasons why it’s worth the investment.

Dry Air = Harder to Breathe

As we said, dry air can dry out your nasal passages and exacerbate respiratory sicknesses. Installing a whole-home humidifier for your heating and cooling system can help clear your sinuses, moisturize your nasal passages, and improve your breathing.

Healthy Air, Healthy You

Like we said, adding moisture to your air is ideal for your health. Whole-home humidifiers help reduce your risk of sickness as viruses and bacteria do not thrive in moist air.

Silky Smooth Skin

Do you put on way more moisturizing products in the winter? It’s due to the dry air drying out your skin, creating itchy, dull skin. Adding moisture with the help of a humidifier will help keep your skin smooth and prevent the dry, flaky skin that tends to come with winter.

Sayonara Snoring

Since humidifiers add moisture to the nasal passages and respiratory systems, they could also help decrease snoring and, in some cases, do away with it altogether. Ah, a good night’s sleep, finally!

Luscious Lips

Okay, you get it. Humidifiers produce moisture and that’s good for your health. But it’s also good for your lips! Do you have cracked, peeling lips during the winter? Yes, you guessed it – a humidifier can help add moisture to those ruby reds.

Save on Energy Bills

A whole-home humidifier doesn’t just add to your health – it adds to your wallet. Adding moisture to the air commonly helps your home feel warmer at a lower temperature, reducing your heating costs. What more could you ask for?

Stop the Static

The dry cool air can cause a lot of static. Is your family getting shocked more lately? A humidifier makes the air less dry and lowers your likelihood of being shocked at home.

Soft skin, healthy airways, and saving money? What’s not to love?

To discover how you can save $50 on a new whole-home humidifier, call Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning at 866-397-3787 today and check out our Stop the Static video below.

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