Comfort Concerns

Comfort, #3 In Total Home Comfort

You may be surprised to learn you probably have grown accustomed to many common comfort problems, which can be corrected. Have you ever felt your home is overly dry in winter, too humid in summer, or certain rooms are too hot or cold?
Uneven temperatures and incorrect humidity levels degrade your home's comfort.
These problems can be corrected, making your home feel like it's brand new all over again! We inspect every single room in your home along with you. in order to better understand each room’s use and specific temperature and humidity needs.
First, we’ll measure your current heating and cooling system’s “blood pressure” to determine if the temperature of each room and the air pressure are within a normal range. Then, we measure the exact amount of air coming from each register. This process helps determine if there are any insulation defects, air duct leaks, refrigerant leaks, overheated electrical circuits and air leakage occuring. We want to make sure you’re not spending more than you should to heat and cool your home to compensate for hidden comfort-robbing construction defects.
Once we know what defects exist, we can offer solutions to correct them. Often these solutions may be simple fixes you just never knew were available to you.