Health Matters

Health, #2 In Total Home Comfort

It may not matter how sophisticated your air filter or air cleaning system is, it’s powerless against the dust penetrating indoors through holes, cracks and gaps. For that matter, it’s not just dust and pollutants that may be getting into the air you breathe every day. The list could also include rodents, insects and insulation fibers.
Undesirable animals and irritants can directly impact your respiratory system and affect your health.

Our NATE-certified technicians are trained to find and seal the source of these irritants, the leaks throughout your home, around windows, doors, electrical outlets, recessed lights and other areas. We then seal the leaks to make sure that things that are supposed to stay out, stay out. We then can utilize non-chemical, powerful ultraviolet germicidal lights that are capable of killing bioaerosols, illness-causing organisms that collect on the indoor coil that can negatively affect your home's indoor air quality. Without the use of dangerous chemicals, this technology, partnered with the right air purification system, can help remove biological contaminates like microbes, viruses and bacteria, and particulates such as pollen, allergens, dust, ash and more.

By inspecting your entire heating and cooling system AND your home's structure, we could potentially alleviate some of your family’s allergy symptoms and asthma triggers by stopping dust and other outside irritants from getting into the air you breathe.