Safety First

Safety, #1 In Total Home Comfort

As experts in Total Home Comfort, our #1 priority is being sure your home stays as safe as possible for you and everyone in your home. This includes making sure your home is safe from Carbon Monoxide (CO), a colorless, odorless gas that can be fatal.
All gas and oil-burning appliances will produce some carbon monoxide which should be safely carried away through venting systems. Unfortunately, if those appliances aren’t working as designed or installed improperly, the carbon monoxide they produce could creep into your home and cause injury, or even death.
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Can Be Avoided
Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning is an avoidable tragedy. As part of our Total Home Comfort analysis, our certified Experts identify any CO safety-related issues. For instance, in a tightly sealed residence, air vented out through range hoods, clothes dryers or bathroom fans can cause negative pressure that may draw dangerous carbon monoxide back down your chimney or furnace flue, or water heater exhaust. As part of our Total Home Comfort analysis, we’ll make sure that any air that is vented out is replaced with clean, healthy air. We'll also check that CO detectors are present and functioning properly.
We take carbon monoxide very seriously, because an unsafe home is the most critical threat to your family's comfort.