About Total Comfort

's Top 4 Total Home Comfort Considerations

Your house is more like you than you might think.
Think of your home like it’s a human body. A single infection affecting any one aspect of your health can negatively affect your entire well-being. An issue only involving your lungs could keep your whole body from working optimally, because your entire body is an integrated system; each part works together to make the whole body work. The level of comfort that is generated from your home's comfort system works in much the same fashion.
Your heating and air conditioning equipment is like the heart and lungs of your home, while your duct system is like the arteries and veins, guiding the conditioned air throughout your home and back again. The walls, doors, windows, ceilings, floors, and roof make up the skin of your home, keeping pollutants outside and clean, conditioned air inside. All these areas affect your feeling of comfort.
Your Total Home Comfort focuses on four key objectives:
  1. SAFETY: Keeping your family, friends and pets physically safe and protected.
  2. HEALTH: Making sure your home is protecting your family’s health and well being.
  3. COMFORT: Maximizing the comfort in every room, throughout the entire home.
  4. EFFICIENCY: Delivering the most value for your energy dollars.
As Total Home Comfort experts, Service Experts treats your home more like a primary care doctor would. To accomplish these four objectives, we follow a nationally certified process for healing your entire home from all its comfort ailments. We take into account all the needs of your home, its long-term health, ongoing maintenance, and everything else that influences your family’s Safety, Health, Comfort and Efficiency.
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Working with the Experts is one-stop shopping.

After inspection and comfort analysis is complete, we will put together a detailed and comprehensive Total Home Comfort document based on your specific home and family needs. Our goal is to provide you with solutions for the safest, healthiest, most comfortable and energy-efficient home possible. Once you determine what steps you want to take, our specially trained and certified expert technicians will take care of the rest.