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Checking Your Attic Insulation Level Can Help You Save Money

North America Attic Insulation Before and After ApplicaitonWe don’t typically spend a lot of time in the attic, so why do you need to worry about your attic insulation level? Without the adequate amount of attic insulation in your home, the money you’ve spent on utility bills might as well be tossed out the window, or more accurately out the roof.

Strenghtening your insulation levels could positively impact your utility bills, saving up to 20%.* No matter where you’re located proper attic insulation also aides the wear and tear on your heating and cooling system.

Try this test, if your floor beams are visible in the attic, your house is likely under-insulated! Give us a call at 866-397-3787 and we’ll take a look at your home’s insulation levels and provide a FREE assessment.

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Insulation is rated in terms of thermal resistance, known as R-value. The R-value signals the resistance to heat flow of the insulating material. The higher the R-value, the better the insulating power. Since heat rises, an inadequately insulated attic allows the heat from the living space of your house to escape. Just call Service Experts in  for a FREE attic insulation and home comfort consultation today.

*Savings may vary.