Water Softeners

Get Rid of Scummy Dirt Bags with Water Softeners

Water can be hard. Of course, we’re really referring to calcium, magnesium, and other tiny pieces of matter like sand, pesticides, microorganisms, minerals and even metals in the water. Groundwater simply dissolves these particles from surrounding soil and rock. These miniscule materials are what make some types of tap water “hard,” so hard in fact that the water needs to be softened.

Water hardness is measured in terms of grains per gallon (GPG) or milligrams per liter (mg/L). If your water tests at less than 1 GPG, your water is soft. If it tests between 1 GPG and 3.5 GPG, it’s a wash (get it, “wash”?). If your water tests above 3.5 GPG, your water is hard or very hard, depending on the GPG level.

Hard water can cause some problems. For one thing, the calcium and magnesium can scale out of the water, building up on pipes and water heaters, and eventually clogging pipes. Hard water also can react with soap to form a sticky scum rather than letting it lather and wash away. Clearly, sticky scum is not a good thing for pipes.

No matter where you’re located, water softeners help reduce the calcium and magnesium ion concentrations. The resulting “soft water” reduces the amount of leftover scum, buildup and dirt, resulting in a cleaner and more comfortable home.

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