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How Repairing and Maintaining Your Heater Can Save You Money

If you haven’t been keeping up on your HVAC maintenance, you could be spending more than necessary on your monthly heating and cooling bills.Read More

Tax Credits for Replacing Heating and Cooling Systems

Did you know that replacing your HVAC system could save you money in more ways than one?Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Thermostat

There are so many myths about heating your home and debates on using the thermostat. From lowering the temperature, saving on the energy bill, to repairing your furnace, here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to your home’s thermostat.Read More

Hiring a Professional for Heating Repair and Questions You Should Ask

 It’s always important to hire a licensed heating contractor for major heating repairs. Doing many of the repairs yourself is not only costly but also takes a lot of your time. It could possibly be dangerous to repair your furnace during icy cold winter months.Read More

What are the Different Types of Quality Performing Furnaces?

Learn the different types of furnaces that are on the market and which ones would be perfect for your home.Read More

Colorado Flood Victims, Think Safety First

If there is any question whether flood water has reached a gas or oil furnace, air conditioner or water heater, it should be checked first by a qualified contractor.Read More

Service Experts Tees Up For Golfing Fundraiser

Service Experts will award a new $8,000 heating and air conditioning system with installation to the first golfer who scores a hole-in-one on the sixth hole.Read More

Air Conditioning Service: Maintenance Increases Efficiency and Saves Money

One of the sounds of summer that homeowners like to hear is that of the air conditioning unit going on and off. The struggle to maintain a cool indoor climate often causes people to just leave the equipment on nonstop. The home stays very cool, but the bills are high. A good air conditioning service program increases the efficiency of the system, making it a valuable weapon in the war against expensive utility bills, as well as the heat.

Read More

Why Air Conditioning Costs Are Heating Up

Recharging older air conditioners with alternative refrigerants may actually damage the system and void your manufacturer’s warranty.Read More

Learn More About Scott J. Boxer, President of Service Experts

Scott J. Boxer, President and CEO of Service Experts, was a guest on Dallas-Fort Worth's Playmaker's radio talk show...Read More