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Hurricane Preparation For Heating & AC

Hurricane season for the south means stocking up on supplies and battening down the hatches. Along with the normal food, tape and plywood though, don’t forget to help protect your air conditioning equipment. Here are a few quick and easy steps to follow to get your HVAC system ready for hurricanes or extreme weather;

  1. Secure the equipment. Perhaps the most important step is to be sure the equipment is completely secured to the base or structure. Purchase hurricane straps or use bolts or strong rope to secure the system to the base. Loose equipment may move and cause significant damage.
  2. Turn the system off. This seems like a no-brainer, but be sure to turn the system completely off during the storm, both at the thermostat and at the circuit breaker. In the event of flooding, power to the AC or air handler may be a fire hazard or cause electrical shock.
  3. Remove loose items around or near the equipment. Just as important as removing patio furniture, plants and other items that could become airborne, remove any items near the outside air conditioning equipment to prevent potential impact damage. This might include flower pots, toys, bicycles or other outdoor items.

How to Handle Flooded Air Conditioners or Air Handlers/Furnaces

If any flooding occurs on outside or inside heating and air conditioning equipment, never restore power to the system or turn the thermostat on until you are sure it is completely safe to do so. Call a certified heating and AC repair contractor for a system inspection of the flooded HVAC equipment to determine if it is safe to operate. If the outdoor unit has been penetrated with salt water or flooding from a river or ditch, with the power still off, gently rinse the outside of the unit with fresh water from a hose. Be sure not to spray water into any internal systems or electrical compartments. Air conditioning systems are built to withstand storms, so a gentle bath should not affect the system, but when in doubt, call an expert. Hurricane or no hurricane, schedule service for your HVAC system today with Service Experts to ensure your home comfort system is running at peak performance!

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