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New Furnace Technology Promises Increased A/C Efficiency

Introducing the new Lennox® Constant Torque (CT) Furnace, featuring Power SaverSM Technology. Power Saver technology utilizes a high efficiency Constant Torque motor that redefines comfort and savings. What are the benefits of this furnace?
Higher Efficiency: When applied as a complete Lennox home comfort system, the ML180E can increase overall cooling efficiency by as much as one or more SEER points. Power Saver technology delivers up to 33% greater efficiency than a standard motor at rated speed through continual rotation, and up to 200% greater efficiency in constant fan mode.
Lower Electric Bills: With higher efficiency and SEER bump, this can equate to several hundred dollars in power savings per year. Lower electric utility bills also contribute to a lower environmental impact, which means not only being comfortable, but also promoting environmental sustainability.
Improved Air Flow: Five discrete programmable taps allows a programmed level of airflow over a wide range of external static pressure in an air-distribution system. It even delivers increased airflow under less-than-optimum duct configurations and other conditions that produce high or varying static pressure.

This furnace comes with a 5-year limited warranty and may qualify for government rebates where applicable. Call 866-EXPERTS for more information.

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