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The Five Most Common Furnace and Heating Problems

furnace safety inspectionEarlier this year I discussed the five most common air conditioning problems. Now, the Fall season is a good time for you to know the common heating problems. Although there are potentially hundreds of reasons why your home’s furnace or heating system may need to be repaired, there are a few reasons that are quite common. Here are the top five problems that may cause your furnace or heating equipment to break down:

5. Thermostat malfunctions causing no heat, fan, or comfort problems   
4. Air flow problems from fan motors, belts and bearings, causing furnace overheating or poor heating control
3. Dirty or clogged filters resulting in air flow and comfort problems
2. Furnace or heating system pilot or ignition control problems, resulting in intermittent or no heat
1. Lack of maintenance may cause unexpected breakdowns, poor comfort or increased energy costs (not to mention homeowner frustration!)

For all these common issues, a professionally qualified, NATE-certified technician can quickly diagnose the problem area and make the necessary repairs. Having a Precision Tune-up or maintenance plan could prevent nearly all heating problems that result in no heat or low comfort levels.  During a tune-up, all the components are checked and serviced so they operate correctly and at peak efficiency during the heating season.  Important items like Carbon Monoxide checks, adequate combustion air, equipment clearances, and equipment safety are also key elements to the tune-up process.

I always stress Safety First to my customers in heating season… the health and safety of your loved ones is more valuable than any holiday gift. Always remember that furnaces of any age may pose safety hazards from combustion or gases, particularly if a NATE-certified technician has not maintained the equipment regularly. I’ll explain some of these heating and furnace safety concerns more in a future post.

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crystal b.
thank you for this. It was really helpful.
1/20/2012 3:43:50 PM

jason mayhew
I am in school for hvac, but i am not satisfied with what im learning. Could you give me any advice or direction on what is truly the most important skills to possess
11/29/2010 9:06:23 AM