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PLUSTM Maintenance Agreement

PLUS Maintenance™ AgreementDoes your heater or air conditioner sound more like a jet engine? How about your energy bills, getting sky-high? A PLUS™ Maintenance Agreement can help fix these problems before they happen. We can schedule and perform maintenance on your furnace or air conditioner before peak energy usage seasons, to help keep you cool all summer and warm all winter. Pre-scheduling an HVAC maintenance tune-up simply saves you money and energy when you need it – score!

Why Have our PLUS Maintenance Agreement?

As a cherished Service Experts customer, our PLUS™ Maintenance Agreement not only includes all the benefits of our valuable Performance Inspection and Precision Tune-Ups, it has other cool features like the kind described below*.

  • Instant 15% discount on furnace and air conditioner parts and repair services and qualifying air quality products and services! You save money automatically, every day.
  • A Lifetime Thermostat Warranty. If your thermostat ever goes out, we'll replace it for FREE.
  • Valuable PLUS™ customer-only coupons, offers and newsletters, including great tips and money-saving tricks for homeowners everywhere.
  • Priority Service means when you call, your needs come first, no matter how busy we are.
  • Perpetual Payment. No need to renew or resign all the time; and pay how you like, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.
  • Flexible Scheduling. Schedule service at convenient times unavailable to the public, such as evenings and Saturdays. Your convenience comes first.
  • Biocide Evaporator Pan Treatment FREE with each Precision Tune-Up visit! Reduce the likelihood of algae and other fungus in the cooling equipment's drain pan.

With all of these benefits, you can relax in style throughout the year. Now, that’s the best present of all. So call us at 866-EXPERTS (that would be 1-866-397-3787) to enroll today, or simply schedule an appointment way up there in the top right of the page.  Well go ahead... we'll wait.

*See PLUS Maintenance Terms & Conditions for complete details.