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Duct Cleaning, Sealing & Sanitization

Ducts are a perfect breeding ground for microbes, insects, rodents and plenty of other unpleasant things. Duct cleaning, even in a new home, can result in a better, more dust-free indoor living environment. In fact, duct cleaning is a smart investment that provides long-term benefits: an effective way to safeguard your home from the kinds of threats that undermine indoor air quality.

What A Duct Cleaning Does

An industrial vacuum is attached to the duct work and all the stuff roaming around inside the ducks is suctioned out, leaving the ducts pretty much good as new. It's sometimes a little easier to watch, than try to explain, so check out the video below to see a duct cleaning in action.

Why Should You Have Your Ducts Cleaned?

  • Over time, mold and mildew can grow in your ducts, especially in humid climates. In order to prevent these spores from spreading through your home and making your entire family ill, you will want to ensure that your ducts are inspected and cleaned yearly.
  • When you fail to have your ducts inspected, there is a chance that bugs, vermin or rodents can come in from outside and set up house in a vital part of your home.
  • Dust and debris will accumulate throughout your venting and ducts. If anyone in the house has allergies, this can be particularly miserable.

This is not to say that you should have your system cleaned every year. Having your ducts inspected is necessary and important to your health.  Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning provides thorough duct cleaning and duct sanitization services, so the air circulating inside your home is clean, conditioned and filtered properly. Of course, we back this and all our home comfort services with a written 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Schedule an appointment for a duct cleaning today, and you'll notice a real difference tomorrow.

What Duct Sealing Does

Ducts may seperate over time, creating gaps, where money that you've spent heating or cooling the air simply escapes into unoccupied areas of the home, like walls, closets or attics. The less air that makes it into the living space, the harder the heating and air conditioning system has to work to keep the temperature. So sealing ducts to prevent air from escaping not only improves the overall energy efficiency of the system, it make the home more comfortable.