Service Experts Interview with Drew Evans

This is a continuation from Part 1 of our interview with Drew Evans, currently playing during the PGA Canada golf tour.
What has been your lowest round score?
My lowest round score actually came in Canada. In Calgary I shot a 63 during competition. I believe which was 9 under [par].

What do you think is the toughest aspect of professional golf?
Definitely the mental aspect of it. It’s just one of those things where golfers have to have a short-term memory. You have a bad hole, you got to forget about it, because there are guys where if they have a bad hole they’re going to let it lead to the next hole, and the next hole. And that’s going to end up costing you money, especially when you’re playing for a paycheck each week. So it’s one of those things, Tiger Woods says it best; “You gotta let it go”. Once you tap in on one hole and walk to the tee box it’s over, it’s in the past. You don’t worry about the last tee shot.

Do you have a favorite golfer?
I grew up at Royal Oaks here in Dallas, and one of the professionals up there was Justin Leonard at the time. Justin won the 97 British Open and a handful of PGA tour events. I just grew up watching him. He’s a small guy like I am but he knows how to get around the course. He’s got a great short game, great putting… and I actually go to the same teacher as him. So growing up watching him showed me what I need to do.

Do you have a favorite golf course?
I do. My favorite golf course is the Oleacean Club in Little Rock, Arkansas. It’s got an Augusta National feel to it. It’s a pretty exclusive club and getting the opportunity to get invited there is pretty special. Besides being there… the atmosphere around there. It’s in the Ozarks, very tree lined, very secluded. It’s just nice, real peaceful.

Is there a golf course that you’ve always wanted to play at?
Obviously I’ve always wanted to make the trip to Augusta and play Augusta National. Play the Masters. Growing up [I was] watching that event every year. It’s one thing to watch it on television… it’s another thing to be there and actually playing it.

Are there any stories you’d like to share that would be inspiring to someone trying to get in the game?
When I was at A&M we were tailgating for football one day and up walks Mark O’Meara. He’s a Masters champion, very popular name on tour. And I basically walk up to him and I go, “I’m an aspiring golfer, what’s the best advice you have for me?” And he goes “Eliminate three puts and mid spin high on the greens.” And so I kind of took that to heart and really have been focusing on that, and then working on short game and putting. Because you know they say “Drive for dough, put for show”. Just taking that to heart and have been working on that ever since.
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