Your checklist for Success : IAQ Performance checklist

As we enter the colder season with covid-19 still lingering here in Ontario, you must do everything you can to protect your business along with your employees and the important assets that help make your business run.

Service Experts commercial HVAC has created a list to provide clients with possible options to better protect your facility and help improve the building’s air quality and HVAC system performance. Coupled together with your existing Covid measures, our tips in this blog will ensure you’re covering all your bases.

  • Moving to a MERV-13 or higher efficiency filter is recommend. Experts at Service Experts should be consulted first because the use of HEPA or higher MERV filters isn’t recommend on certain system configurations. Book a consultation to see what type of filter is best for your situation and facility.
  • Consider installing a UV-C light to disinfection air being supplied to the facility.
  • To maximize effectiveness, the experts here at Service Experts recommend coupling the UV-C light with a Plasma unit. Much like sunlight does in the atmosphere, a Plasma unit produces a natural bio-climate rich in positive and negative oxygen ions which cause harmful airborne particles to be charged by the ions and causes them to cluster and be caught in filters. This approach needs highly efficient filter to catch the VOCs. Check out the video we did on a UV-C and plasma install, the results were astonishing.
  • Increasing ventilation can make a big change in IAQ. Whether that improvement is done by opening a window or adjusting the economizer fresh air damper settings. A simple increase in ventilation can introduce fresh air along with increasing airflow to maximize diffusion of infectious droplets and improve safety measures with you facility.
  • Monitoring and controlling of humidity levels is an important action to take to improve the IAQ and overall equipment performance. Check out other blogs on our page like our recent blog on how to control the humidity levels within a commercial setting.

It’s important to know where your facility is currently situated in regards to IAQ and HVAC equipment performance before installing these measures. Hence why you should give us a call to come to evaluate your facility and make expert recommendations to meet your desired goals. Once there is an understanding and baseline we can help you develop a plan that mitigates any risk posed to your customers, employees and others. The overall aim of this service is to; dilute indoor air with fresh outdoor air, exhaust stale air within the facility, contain and manage humidity levels and lastly clean and reduce harmful particles.

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