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Boiler Repair and Replacement You Can Trust in the the U.S..

The warmth of an effective boiler system is so comforting, but a breakdown is completely unsettling.

The confidence you can have in our Expert service for your heating system is a comfort you won’t find anywhere else. Our professionals are ACE certified, meaning you can trust they’re among the best in the business.

And we’re so confident in them, we back their work with our industry-leading, one-year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

Common Boiler Problems

We may be able to help you with some troubleshooting tips for common problems with hot-water and steam boilers. See if any of these can get your system back up and running. If not, the highly trained professionals with Total Home Comfort are ready to help.

  • Thermostat isn’t accurate. Check that it’s switched to “on” and that the settings are correct. If that doesn’t help, we may need to replace your thermostat.
  • No heat. Check for broken parts, thermostat issues, or low water levels.
  • Experiencing leaking or dripping. These are often caused by a broken internal part, worn-out seal, or corrosion.
  • Banging, whistling, or gurgling sounds. Air in the system, low water pressure, or imminent part failure can cause these noises.
  • Rumbling or kettling noise. Water is overheating and boiling because water flow is restricted by lime and sludge accumulation in the heat exchanger.
  • Pilot light is out. This can arise from a broken thermocouple, air draft, or built-up deposit. Also, make sure the natural gas supply is on.
  • Pressure is too low. This can be caused by water leaking, a faulty pressure valve, or radiators that have been bled recently.
  • Condensate pipe is backed up. The pipe runs outside, so there is a risk of freezing. Thaw it by pouring warm—not hot—water over it.
  • Radiators won’t get hot. This could be caused by sludge or air buildup in the system.
  • Boiler keeps turning itself off. This could be caused by low water pressure, thermostat issues, low water flow from a closed valve, air, or pump’s improper water circulation.

Boiler breakdowns can result from a lack of routine service. Total Home Comfort can suggest a plan that could increase the comfort in your home and in your pocketbook by keeping up your system’s operation and efficiency.

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Total Home Comfort Can Help You Choose the Best Option for Your Boiler

We’ll consult with you about your boiler’s age, the cost to fix it, and how much you could save with a more efficient system.

Some of the most efficient systems carry the extra assurance of an ENERGY STAR® rating. Some do not need a pilot light, can produce heat more efficiently, and have built-in safety features.

When you need boiler service, boiler repair, boiler replacement or boiler installation for any brand of boiler, trust Total Home Comfort to make you feel right at home.

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